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Guide for catalog decision-makers offers 23 tactics & techniques to boost sales & profit performance.
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"It never ceases
      to amaze me..."

"Thank you, Jim. You don't hear this often enough, but I feel you should know that we would not be the company we are today if not for you. And, as we move toward becoming the ‘world class' company I envision, you'll continue to play a very important part in that process. It never ceases to amaze me how you can put on 'the hat' that's necessary when it comes to solving the challenges that face us."

Bob Nueske, President,
Nueske Applewood
Smoked Meats,
Wittenberg, WI

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As a profit-minded cataloger, you have important questions. We have answers.

If you're serious about improving the productivity of your catalog business, you've probably considered sensible questions like these: 


Why is Direct Marketing Insights the kind of help I need at this stage of my company's growth?
Because, you get quality direct marketing direction for your company at an investment level you can afford. You don't get saddled with long-term contracts, high fees with massive amounts of overhead built in, or junior account executives who're just learning the direct marketing business. Nor do you need to add to your overhead burden by prematurely adding more staff managers (complete with bonuses, benefits, etc.). 


How can you help me when you're so far away? 
Not a problem. While based in Arizona, I serve clients in New Jersey, Wisconsin, Virginia, Minnesota, Illinois, Louisiana, Kentucky and Texas. We meet personally when there's a need, and communicate regularly through telephone, email, fax and overnight delivery. 


How do you make your help affordable to even very small and start-up companies?
I help you on a month-to-month, pay-as-we-progress basis. I spend an agreed-upon number of hours per month working on the priorities we've mutually targeted to move your business ahead, and bill you at the end of the month only for the time we've spent helping you. There are no hefty up-front retainers, no eye-popping billing overruns. For most of our clients, the annual cost of working with DMI amounts to less than they'd invest in a new accounting clerk or secretary. The difference: Direct Marketing Insights pays for itself – many times over – in vastly enhanced marketing and operations productivity. 


What kind of guarantee do you offer? 
Unlike many other consultants, I don't want clients locked into long-term agreements they're unhappy with. On the contrary, I want our clients to feel they're receiving an exceptional value in the advice and services they receive. That's why our initial agreement specifies a client may end his relationship with us on just 30 days notice...for any reason.


What if we need additional marketing or business services? 
Direct Marketing Insights is a classic example of a "virtual corporation." When a client's needs require specialized skills, we have a network of direct marketing professionals we call upon for support. These are skilled, senior people who rank among the best in the country at what they do.


Do you ever work on a project basis?
While most of our client relationships are longer term, I'm happy to consider project-based assignments. 


How do you choose new clients? 
As a small (by choice) consulting company providing the highest level of service, I don't accept every new business opportunity. Key considerations in establishing partnerships with clients are: (1) My judgment regarding how much we can help a CEO and his/her business, and (2) The working chemistry between the CEO and ourselves. I can be most effective working for a positive management team that's dedicated to fulfilling customer needs at a superior level. 


Does it matter whether my business is consumer or business-oriented? 
No. I have current clients, extensive experience – and a successful track record – in both arenas. 


I'm interested. What's the next step? 
Contact us. You can start the ball rolling via email, telephone, fax or mail. I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your company's business needs and goals. 


Just answer 20 key questions, get a clear picture how your business stacks up to others in the catalog industry.
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"Dramatic financial

"I could not afford to add management to my staff, so I looked around for someone that I could use as a sounding board, and who wasn't afraid to offer sound direct marketing guidance. I quickly learned that Jim Padgitt was the missing link for our company. Thanks to Jim's sound business recommendations, we have enjoyed a dramatic financial turnaround. Even though we are hundreds of miles apart, Jim has become an important part of our business. He is my Vice President of Direct Marketing."

Chuck Ehlers, President, GS Direct,
Bloomington, MN

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