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Guide for catalog decision-makers offers 23 tactics & techniques to boost sales & profit performance.
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"It never ceases
      to amaze me..."

"Thank you, Jim. You don't hear this often enough, but I feel you should know that we would not be the company we are today if not for you. And, as we move toward becoming the ‘world class' company I envision, you'll continue to play a very important part in that process. It never ceases to amaze me how you can put on 'the hat' that's necessary when it comes to solving the challenges that face us."

Bob Nueske, President,
Nueske Applewood
Smoked Meats,
Wittenberg, WI

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How many ways can DMI help you move your catalog business to the next level?

If it influences customer response and bottom-line profits, I can help you do it better. Here are a few of the many ways I can help you maximize the growth, productivity and profitability of your catalog business.

Strategic planning
  Evaluate company mission
Analyze company strengths and weaknesses
Develop strategic plans and objectives
Guide plan implementation

Catalog productivity
  Analyze catalog circulation plan
Evaluate catalog response, list by list
Calculate profit contribution of each product
Analyze merchandising effectiveness
Evaluate use of catalog sales facilitators
Analyze and enhance response tracking systems
Recommend new approaches for enhanced catalog productivity

Award-winning catalog creative
  Create powerful, on-target catalog concepts
Write persuasive copy
Design strong-selling catalog pages
Direct top-quality, affordable photography
Manage catalog pre-production
Select and acquire mail lists
Manage printing and mailing

Online catalogs/ecommerce
  Create and launch new catalog website
Update look and improve functionality of existing website
Make shopping and online purchasing faster and easier
Improve integration of printed and online catalogs
Recommend strategies for boosting ecommerce revenues

Business and financial evaluation
  Analyze P&L statements
Develop budgets
Evaluate cost-control problems

New catalog development and startup
  Evaluate startup concept
Develop comprehensive business plan
Implement merchandising strategy
Paginate, write and design catalog
Create circulation plan

Customer service
  Audit and evaluate Customer Service Representative performance
Evaluate CSR job attitudes
Evaluate CSR performance levels
Analyze Customer Service policies & procedures
Train CSR in telephone courtesy and sales techniques
Create CSR performance incentive program
Recommend new approaches for enhanced customer service productivity

Inbound/outbound telemarketing
  Analyze phone traffic patterns
Analyze Telephone Service Representative job attitudes
Evaluate TSR performance levels
Recommend effective TSR hiring standards
Train TSR in telephone courtesy & sales techniques
Create TSR performance incentive program
Recommend new approaches for enhanced telemarketing productivity
Develop cost-effective cross-sell and upsell programs

Other capabilities
  New customer conversion programs
Customer reactivation programs
Customer attitude surveys
Website concepts and creative
Order processing/fulfillment software evaluation
Space advertising creative, planning and management
Database evaluation and development
Organizational analysis and recommendations
Executive recruiting
Management training and development

If you believe that, with the right help, you could move your business to the next level, contact me today for a free, no-obligation consultation.



Just answer 20 key questions, get a clear picture how your business stacks up to others in the catalog industry.
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"Dramatic financial

"I could not afford to add management to my staff, so I looked around for someone that I could use as a sounding board, and who wasn't afraid to offer sound direct marketing guidance. I quickly learned that Jim Padgitt was the missing link for our company. Thanks to Jim's sound business recommendations, we have enjoyed a dramatic financial turnaround. Even though we are hundreds of miles apart, Jim has become an important part of our business. He is my Vice President of Direct Marketing."

Chuck Ehlers, President, GS Direct,
Bloomington, MN

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