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Guide for catalog decision-makers offers 23 tactics & techniques to boost sales & profit performance.
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"It never ceases
      to amaze me..."

"Thank you, Jim. You don't hear this often enough, but I feel you should know that we would not be the company we are today if not for you. And, as we move toward becoming the ‘world class' company I envision, you'll continue to play a very important part in that process. It never ceases to amaze me how you can put on 'the hat' that's necessary when it comes to solving the challenges that face us."

Bob Nueske, President,
Nueske Applewood
Smoked Meats,
Wittenberg, WI

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Call Us When...
While there's seemingly no end to the challenges presented to direct response catalogers in their quest for sales growth and profitability, this page provides a summary of the ones we've run into most often. View most common catalog business challenges.


How We'll Help
Here you'll find a partial listing of the services we provide clients, including: Strategic planning...Catalog productivity analysis...Award-winning catalog concepts, copy and design...Inbound & Outbound telemarketing training...Customer service training...Online catalog analysis and development...Budgeting and financial analysis...New catalog startups and spinoffs...Customer attitude surveys…and more. Review services to catalog owners


Success Stories
This page summarizes results achieved in 14 real-world situations where catalog owners enlisted Direct Marketing Insights' help in solving catalog business problems. View successful results in solving catalog business problems


About Us
This section offers highlights of the 25+ years' experience and achievements of DMI's founder and president, Jim Padgitt. It's this extensive background qualifies DMI to help you with your catalog marketing and business challenges. Review catalog marketing and business credentials


Good Questions
What's it like to work with Direct Marketing Insights, and why DMI is your best and most affordable solution to the business problems holding you back from the success you want and deserve. Learn why DMI is your best, most affordable option for catalog problem-solving help.


In The News
From time to time, we publish news stories, articles and special reports on important catalog, ecommerce and direct marketing issues. You'll find these documents posted periodically in this section. Read Chicago Tribune article on catalog startups.


Contact Us
Got questions, concerns, suggestions about how expert, profit-focused direct marketing consulting can help you reach the catalog business success you've always dreamed of. Contact us today by email, phone or fax


What Clients Say
If you're considering consulting assistance with your catalog business challenges, it's important to know how others in your situation feel they benefited from a partnership with Direct Marketing Insights. Read client comments on DMI catalog marketing and ecommerce services.


Catalog Gallery
To your customers, your catalog IS you company, for better or for worse. This Catalog Gallery gives you a glimpse of how we help make our clients look professionally efficient in the eyes of their prospects and customers. Review 10 catalog images and marketing profile


Website Gallery
Today, every successful cataloger needs an attractive, easy-to-use and persuasive online catalog (sometimes called ecommerce site). Our Website Gallery highlights 6 revenue-producing sites we've produced for clients. Review online catalog screen shots and marketing profiles


Just answer 20 key questions, get a clear picture how your business stacks up to others in the catalog industry.
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"Dramatic financial

"I could not afford to add management to my staff, so I looked around for someone that I could use as a sounding board, and who wasn't afraid to offer sound direct marketing guidance. I quickly learned that Jim Padgitt was the missing link for our company. Thanks to Jim's sound business recommendations, we have enjoyed a dramatic financial turnaround. Even though we are hundreds of miles apart, Jim has become an important part of our business. He is my Vice President of Direct Marketing."

Chuck Ehlers, President, GS Direct,
Bloomington, MN

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