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Guide for catalog decision-makers offers 23 tactics & techniques to boost sales & profit performance.
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"It never ceases
      to amaze me..."

"Thank you, Jim. You don't hear this often enough, but I feel you should know that we would not be the company we are today if not for you. And, as we move toward becoming the ‘world class' company I envision, you'll continue to play a very important part in that process. It never ceases to amaze me how you can put on 'the hat' that's necessary when it comes to solving the challenges that face us."

Bob Nueske, President,
Nueske Applewood
Smoked Meats,
Wittenberg, WI

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Want real-world examples of effective
catalog problem-solving? Review these 

Clients of Direct Marketing Insights receive insightful analysis based on a solid understanding of how mail order works, along with a wealth of experience in providing practical solutions to tough catalog marketing problems.  The following is a sampling of successful outcomes we've achieved for our clients.

Catalog creative


Directed total makeover of consumer catalog (copy, design,  format) which produced 37% sales increase within 12 months


Totally reworked concept, copy & design of consumer catalog. Result:
44% increase in annual sales with only 10% increase in circulation


Created multi-level order incentive program for business-to-business
cataloger that increased average order by 24%

Marketing and strategic planning


Developed consumer catalog Mail Plan that increased sales by 21% over prior year, while cutting promotion costs by 14%


Created business-to-business circulation plan that increased revenue from house list by 327% within 12 months


Prepared challenging, yet realistic, 3-year Strategic Plan and annual
Operating Plan for upscale consumer catalog company

New business development


Developed lucrative spinoff catalog for price-oriented buyers of business-to-business cataloger. Result: Company expanded its market share 8% by profitably competing in both premium-  and budget-price market niches


Conceived and tested test mailing program that opened new $3 million market to institutional catalog marketer


Developed Business Opportunity Analysis and Startup Business Plan for new profit center within major international corporation



Planned and launched new 6-person outbound telemarketing department that generated $3 million in profitable sales within 24 months


Increased productivity of inbound telemarketing sales staff by 22% through implementation of improved sales techniques and performance incentive program


Conducted telemarketing training seminars and workshops rated "Excellent" by 94% of TSR participants and telemarketing management 



Led corporate management team in identification, evaluation and acquisition of profitable catalog business and negotiated favorable purchase price


Evaluated staffing of major business-to-business cataloger


Assisted CEO in selection and training of key managers in Marketing, Advertising, Merchandising, Customer Service, Administration, Fulfillment and Financial Functions

Take a tour of our Catalog Gallery and Website Gallery to see a sampling of impressive, hard-selling paper and online catalogs we've created for clients.  Or contact me today for a free, no-obligation discussion of your needs. 



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"Dramatic financial

"I could not afford to add management to my staff, so I looked around for someone that I could use as a sounding board, and who wasn't afraid to offer sound direct marketing guidance. I quickly learned that Jim Padgitt was the missing link for our company. Thanks to Jim's sound business recommendations, we have enjoyed a dramatic financial turnaround. Even though we are hundreds of miles apart, Jim has become an important part of our business. He is my Vice President of Direct Marketing."

Chuck Ehlers, President, GS Direct,
Bloomington, MN

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